During four parallel Bridge Market sessions we invite companies and organisations that want to take real action by addressing real challenges. The Bridge Markets are defined by challenges, quantified by need owners across the world. The unique process facilitates collaborations with focus on mutual value creation. As a participant you should expect to have your own incentives turned into opportunities for collaborative business.

We are currently developing the Bridge Markets together with stakeholders in 14 cities such as São Paulo, Bangalore, Helsingborg, Lusaka, Kyoto and Ostrava on the following topics:

– The Global Renewable Energy Shift:
New technologies for solar, wind and biofuel, storage and distribution along with new business models, enable new collaborations both here in Scandinavia and abroad.

– The New Urban Water Management:
Technology, business models and consumer behavior enable new collaborations to offer safe water to everyone both in terms of cleanliness and reliable access.

– The Industrial One-Planet Footprint:
New technologies, circular business models, new consumer behaviors and sustainable city growth will transform industries as we know them.

– The Sustainable Healthcare Future:
New digital technologies, functional foods and consumer behaviors enables health solutions that can deliver more for less resources.

– The 1,5 Degree Climate Race:
New technologies for reducing carbon footprint, carbon capture and utilisation as well as circular business models enables new initiatives and collaborations to emerge.

– The Financial Dynamics in Sustainability:
New impact metrics, political stories and business models, outlining clearer roles for the involved stakeholders, makes it possible to find new incentives and resources to achieve pilot projects with reduced risk.

– The Logistical Challenges of Urban Life:
New vehicle technologies and fuels along with new business models and consumer behaviors creates an open landscape for innovative and collaborative business opportunities.


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