THE BRIDGE TALK #2 – Tackling the pollution of the fashion industry

The most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry is simply producing and consuming less. A positive talk, by a visionary, with opportunities and concepts for businesses, the government and consumers.

Decreasing consumption of new clothes requires a new mind set from the entire fashion industry, from labels to magazines and from influencers to consumers. What can that mind set be? Who will take the responsibility of promoting and stimulating less consumption of new clothes? What can labels do? And the government? How? Can new concepts, not based on selling new clothes, deliver value as free standing businesses or serve a promotional purpose?

Trend forecaster The Lady in Blu aspires to break the link of fashion with pollution by promoting the positive alternatives Re-Use, Re Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat fashion: RE LOVE FASHION. She took action and founded the RE LOVE Foundation, world’s first creative agency based on a societal mission of promoting, stimulating and activating less consumption of new clothes. The foundation initiates projects and develops concepts based on joyful alternatives, to promote, stimulate and activate less consumption of new clothes in co-operation with labels, governments, media and individuals. A talk about fashion, clever concepts, the purpose economy, serious responsibilities, projects for the government and opportunities for the fashion industry and other businesses. A presentation for the entire fashion industry, for institutes that can help promote less consumption of new clothes and for all of us who love to enjoy fashion and are compelled to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry, the second biggest polluting industry in the world.