Antoinette van den Berg

Antoinette van den Berg founder of the RE LOVE Foundation invented her business idea when preparing for the presentation and connecting with other participants at The Bridge Summit 2016.

Amsterdam based trend forecaster Antoinette van den Berg is internationally well known for her unique, years ahead, vision on the future. She is the one to translate her forecastings directly into innovations on product level and strategy’s on company level. Van den Berg works as a trend forecaster mainly for fashion related industry’s like the cosmetic and raw material industry.

RE LOVE Foundation is world’s first creative agency based on a societal mission; reducing the pollution of the fashion industry through promoting, stimulating and activating less consumption of new clothes.

Antoinette is a speaker at international fairs such as the Make-Up in Seoul and Paris, the In-Cosmetics in Asia, Seoul and Barcelona and organizes future workshops for company’s where she directly translates future trends into innovation and strategy with R & D and management. Her presentations are attended by company’s like Chanel, YSL, L’Oreal, BASF and Du Pont. Companies like Schwan Stabillo Cosmetics, Dow corning and Vagheggi are among her clients.

Posted October 22, 2018 in: by pontus