The Bridge Markets

The Global Renewable Energy Shift

As the world moves from fossil fuel to renewable energy the ecosystems change in all types of societies.

New technologies for solar, wind and biofuel, storage and distribution along with new business models, enable new collaborations both here in Scandinavia and abroad.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Liberia, and Zambia

The New Urban Water Management

Lack of clean water is identified as one of the main future sources of conflict and migration across the world.

Technology, business models and consumer behavior enable new collaborations to offer safe water to everyone both in terms of cleanliness and reliable access.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Florida and Zambia. 

The Industrial One-Planet Footprint

As the world population grows, limited amounts of raw materials will become ever more scarce.

New technologies, circular business models, new consumer behaviors and sustainable city growth will transform industries as we know them.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Bangalore, Spain, Sao Paulo, Czech Republic, The Maldives and Japan.

The Sustainable Healthcare Future

With a growing and ageing world population, the need for more and better healthcare increases while at the same time tax incomes are decreasing.

New digital technologies, functional foods and consumer behaviors enables health solutions that can deliver more for less resources.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in India, Japan, Zambia and Sweden.

The 1,5 Degree Climate Race

The UN climate panel, IPCC, has recently concluded that there is hope to achieve the 1,5° C climate goal, set in the Paris agreement, but it requires the industry to take immediate and radical action.

New technologies for reducing carbon footprint, carbon capture and utilisation as well as circular business models enables new initiatives and collaborations to emerge.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Zambia, Japan, Spain and Sao Paulo.

The Financial Dynamics in Sustainability

Catalysing change is a challenge in every ecosystem. It always takes a first investment and it always takes first movers to engage, which are often difficult to mobilise without great personal risk or sacrifice.

New impact metrics, political stories and business models, outlining clearer roles for the involved stakeholders, makes it possible to find new incentives and resources to achieve pilot projects with reduced risk.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Zambia, Liberia and Sweden.

The Logistical Challenges of Urban Life

As 75% of the world’s population are expected to have moved into cities by 2050, there are increasing needs for services and transportation of people and goods.

New vehicle technologies and fuels along with new business models and consumer behaviors creates an open landscape for innovative and collaborative business opportunities.

We are currently quantifying opportunities in Florida, Zambia and Sweden.